Alton Rd Miami Beach Solar Wind Hybrid System Installation

by AEC / 01 May 2013 / No Comments

The Solar Wind Hybrid System installation consisted of two Twin 600 W Urban Green Energy Vertical Axis Wind Turbines were installed on the roof of this ultra modern LEED’s certified home and are used to recharge power to the battery back up system supporting the emergency priority electrical panel when grid power is lost.

This renewable energy project represents one of the more complex systems and provides a good illustration of a Solar Wind Hybrid System( Solar PV and Wind Generator). The system was installed on a high-end LEED’s certified new construction residential property. The goal was to maximize the amount of renewable energy captured on a very small residential city property.

The solar array was split into two components, the first system is 3 kW’s of Solar PV that is strictly for grid tie support supplying energy whenever the grid is available for consumption in the home or to be sent back to the utility. A priority electrical panel (subpanel) was installed to accommodate all the crucial circuits in the house that are required to continue operating when utility power was lost (refrigeration, garage door opener, security system, lights, etc.). The second system consisted of 8 kW’s Solar PV and (2) 600 W Urban Green Energy vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) tied into a grid tie/battery backup system.

The addition of the wind component allows for power generation 24 hrs/day from the prevailing easterly winds. With grid power available, the second system would operate similar to the first system as a grid tie.

When the utility power would fail, the second system would automatically switch over and power all of the circuits located on a priority electrical panel using the energy from the battery bank. The solar and wind would then recharge the batteries. Once utility power is restored, the system automatically switches back to the standard grid tie system.

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