Fort Lauderdale Solar Hot Water PV System Installation

by AEC / 17 April 2013 / No Comments

This Ft Lauderdale home Solar Hot Water PV System Project involved installation of a solar hot water heating system and 7.3 kW of solar PV (grid tie) on a 1600 ft.² single-family residential home. The aging roof was replaced prior to installation of the solar equipment.

The Solar hot water heating system consisted of a single 4’ x 10’ solar collector (AE-40) mounted south facing working in conjunction with an 80 gallon hot water reservoir tank. Because the property is located in a non-freeze zone, system install was a open loop ”drained down” system. The circulating pump is driven by a independent 12W solar PV panel that is attached to the side of the hot water collector allowing the system to produce hot water even when power is not available.

Solar PV consisted of installing 30, Kyocera 245W solar panels(7.350 kW) each with its own enphase M-215 micro-inverter. 14 panels were mounted on the south facing roof next to the solar hot water panel. 8 panels were mounted on the west facing wing while the last 8 were installed on the east facing wing. Due to shading issues at this site, it was decided to use the micro-inverters to maximize the energy production. The additional side benefit is the ability to monitor(Envoy interface) the entire system (down to the individual panel) providing easy diagnosis of problems or maintenance issues, such as it is time to clean the panels. Daily energy production is recorded along with email warning notifications should any of the panels begin to lose production or fail. The micro-inverters also make the installation easier and eliminates any additional equipment at the electrical panel.

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