Island 2.2Kw Solar PV Residential Grid Tie Energy System with AGM or new Aquion Salt Water Battery

Want to capture the energy from the sun and sell it back to the local power company? Need Back up power when the grid goes out? Then a Solar PV Residential Grid Tie Energy System with Battery Back Up is what you need or upgrade to the newest salt water non-toxic maintenance free Aquion batteries for long life. 2x, 4x, 6x systems available too…

How it Works

The energy from the sun excites the roof mounted solar panels which in turn produces low voltage DC electricity. This DC power is then sent into a battery bank for storage. The inverter box (Outback VFXR 2812A) converts the low voltage DC into high voltage (120V/ 60Hz) AC that synchronizes to the incoming grid power at your home. If the home is using less energy than is being generated by the solar energy, the extra energy is sent back onto the electric grid driving the electric meter in reverse. When grid power is lost, the inverter automatically switches on within the blink of an eye continuing AC power to the house loads from the energy stored in the maintenance free batteries. The whole system operates automatically.

System Energy

The 2,200W of solar will produce, with a 5 sun hour day, which is typically found in the Caribbean islands, 11 kWh of energy daily. The energy will be used to support your household needs and any excess sent back to your utility company (if you so choose). When power is lost you will have available 2.64 kW-Hr of back up energy to support your household needs.

System Cost



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Note: System include solar panels, grid tie battery backup pure sine wave inverter, solar charge controller, maintenance free batteries, status display panel, solar panel wiring, low-voltage DC wiring, fuses and related items for electrical connection of the self installed power system. System above does not include racking or mounting system for solar panels. Solar panel mounting depends upon type of roof and its structure, please contact us for pricing and availability to meet your specific needs. Aquion Batteries ( have 10+ years life and recommended for off grid systems. Larger systems available please ask for a quote.