How Solar PV Panels Works With The Grid

by AEC / 15 September 2013 / No Comments

How Solar PV Panels Works With The Grid? – PV cells have a positively charged layer and a negatively charged layer of semi-conductors. When sunlight shines on the semi-conductors, the electric field across the annexation between these two layers causes electricity to flow.

How Solar PV Panels Works With The GridThe Solar PV Panels collects the photon power from the sun and converts it into low-voltage DC or Direct Current. That power enters the inverter, which transforms the low-voltage DC into grid synchronized AC power or alternating current. The output of the inverter connects directly through the electrical panel, to the electric meter and back onto the utility grid system allowing the energy to flow from the sun to the utility.

If there is any energy consumed at the house or commercial building, the solar energy would first supply that need and then any excess would be sold back to the utility.

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