Is The End Of The World Near?

by AEC / 21 July 2013 / No Comments

The end of the world is near, that’s how it feels like when natural disasters strike our surroundings.

The past few months we have seen on the news some natural disasters hitting many parts of the world, whether a tornado, hurricane, flood, wildfire or an earthquake, if fortunate enough many people are still alive, but without electricity or even the basic survival needs such as food and water.

The following tips will better prepare you for an emergency of this caliber:

Informed yourself
Learn what to do, plan with your household and prepare in advance to be ready. Find detailed information from Ready.Gov in order to be ready for different situations.

Develop a family emergency plan
Be prepared to survive for at least 72 hours before the emergency rescue team arrives. offers valuable and useful information and supplies to overcome this critical period of time.

Turn to renewable energy sources
Get the power from a solar, wind energy, hybrid, off the grid systems with a battery bank in order to supply electricity needed for refrigerators, water pumps, radios and communication devices.

Get involved
Volunteer and get trained to support disaster efforts in the community with a Community Emergency Response Team.

No one really knows when a natural disaster will hit, but being prepared is the key to minimize the impact of facing the crude reality of overcoming this terrible situation.

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