Key West Wind Generator System Installation

by AEC / 27 April 2013 / No Comments

Key West high school established a renewable energy program for its students, teaching about solar PV and wind renewable energy systems. In order to help advance the program, the school was able to secure private funding to obtain a SkyStream 3.7 wind turbine.

The developer and manufacturer of the SkyStream Wind Turbine, Southwest Windpower of Flagstaff Arizona, supplied the equipment through their low-cost educational purchase program.

Alternate Energy Company donated their distributor services by helping to arrange for the purchase of equipment plus helped in the installation and start up of the Wind Generator System.

The Wind Generator System consists of a 2.4 kW self-contained, down wind, SkyStream 3.7 grid tie wind generator.

The generator along with all of the electronics including the UL listed inverter are self-contained in the head of unit.

The 208 VAC output ties directly into the three-phase panel via a circuit breaker and the generator supplied is a Marine grade version, allowing it to easily withstand the harsh weather conditions of the Florida Keys.

The operational life expectancy is 20 years and it is backed up by a 5 year factory warranty.

The monopole tower is shipped in sections and assembled on site. This in combination with the hinged footplate and gin pole assembly minimizes equipment needed to accomplish the installation.

Since this is a grid tie design Wind Generator System, there are no batteries in the system and it will produce power only when the grid (utility power) is available and the wind is blowing. A battery backup system can be added to it if so desired.

Included with the Generator is a monitoring software package called for Skyview. It links directly to the head of the horizontal wind generator through a radio signal and provides instantaneous and historical information of energy production and operating condition of the generator. In addition it allows for easy troubleshooting and analysis should maintenance issues become apparent.

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