Solara Solar Panels Offers Maximum Performance

Solara Solar PanelsSolara solar panels, components and complete photovoltaic systems are primarily being used in places where independence is most important: on RV’s and Caravans as well as on sailing yachts and boats. Cottages in remote geographical locations; in technological equipment; at sea, in traffic control and telecommunications systems, all are becoming independent with SOLARA.

Solara stand-alone-systems are designed to work flawlessly in a wide range of climate conditions. They are extremely robust, can be used flexibly and generate maximum electricity yields even in unfavorable light conditions.

Solara Solar Panels Made In Germany

Solara Solar Panels UltraTo ensure the quality and performance capabilities of the Solara® product range, all panels and mounting systems are manufactured in Germany. Every solar panel is tested and certified according to stringent quality standards and ISO requirements. Every completed solar panel is measured according to the international STC protocol and registered under an unchangeable serial number


Solara Solar Panels S-Series


Solara S440m36 UltraSolara Ultra-S Series solar panels are elegant with an attractive design with black finishing. Excellent mechanical load resistance thanks to its torsion-resistant module frame and latest back-contact cell technology with 22% of cell efficiency.


Solara S440M36 Ultra Key Features:

  • Daily output in summer in Germany (Ø) Wh/d: 440
  • Rated output (Pmpp) Wp: 110
  • Short-circuit current (Isc) A: 6,02
  • Open-circuit voltage (Uoc) V: 24,06
  • Voltage (Umpp) V: 20,25
  • Current (Impp) A: 5,43
  • Module efficiency %: 16,5
  • Dimensions (L x B x H) mm: 1237 x 557 x 40
  • Weight kg: 7,9
  • Cell dimensions mm: 125 x 125


Solara S565m44 UltraSolara Ultra-S Series solar panels offer increased number of cells for best performance and are especially developed for permanent operation at extreme heat as well a high humidity.


Solara S565M44 Ultra Key Features:

  • Daily output in summer in Germany (Ø) Wh/d: 565
  • Rated output (Pmpp) Wp: 140
  • Short-circuit current (Isc) A: 6,14
  • Open-circuit voltage (Uoc) V: 29,63
  • Voltage (Umpp) V: 25,10
  • Current (Impp) A: 5,58
  • Module efficiency %: 16,7
  • Dimensions (L x B x H) mm: 1500 x 557 x 40
  • Weight kg: 9,9
  • Cell dimensions mm: 125 x 125