SolarTech Universal Solar Panels Highest Quality

SolarTech Universal Solar PanelsSolarTech Universal Solar Panels Quantum Series are produced with the highest quality materials within the industry and feature an exclusive technology called SmartWire. The 60-cell design includes mono-PERC or Heterojunction solar cells that allows for higher efficiency, greater power generation and a premium design from cell-to-cell.

SolarTech Residential and Commercial Optimized

Whether it’s for your home or business, Quantum’s design fits into all of your solar needs. The high efficiency, 60-cell design packs more power on your roof by maximizing your real estate compared to larger 72-cell solar panels.

SmartWire Technology

Next generation cell technology connected with our exclusive SmartWire Technology result in highly efficient solar panels with no busbars, reduced shading and the mitigation of the power loss created by micro-cracks. This means each module will produce more power for a longer period of time. That’s the power of Quantum.

SolarTech Universal is Made In The USA

Every solar panel we manufacture is designed and manufactured here in Riviera Beach, Florida. We’re proud to be training and developing the local work force by leading the way into the Green Economy.

SolarTech Universal Solar Panels Quantum Series


SolarTech Universal STU-285-PERCQuantum Series 285 solar panels offer Superior Energy Production - Module efficiency of 17.2% achieved by utilizing the most advanced technology in the solar industry.


The Advanced PERC Technology is a specialized mono-crystalline cell that improves the flow of energy by adding a layer that distributes the electric current.


Quantum STU-285 PERC Features:

  • Average Power: 285W
  • Short-circuit current (Isc) A: 9.5
  • Open-circuit voltage (Uoc) V: 40
  • Voltage at Max power (Vmp) V: 32.3
  • Current ar Max power (Impp) A: 8.9
  • Module efficiency %: 17.2
  • Dimensions: 997 x 1663 x 42mm (39.25 x 65.4 x 1.65)
  • Weight: Approx. 18 kg (40lbs)
  • Cell type mm: 156 x 156 Mono-Crystalline PERC


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