AC/DC Solar Water Pump Systems

Solar Water Pump Systems

Solar Water Pump Systems is a renewable energy product available, that offers domestic water, agricultural and forestry irrigation and desertification control. The Solar water pump system can also supply water to sea inlands, animal husbandry and water treatment projects.

With the promotion of new energy utilization, recently the usage of solar water pump systems has increased significantly. This renewable energy system can be found in government projects, landscapearchitectures and fountains of city squares, parks, tourist attractions, sometimes hotels and residential areas.

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Solarland Solar Water Pump Systems

Solarland Solar AC Water Pump System Solarland Solar AC Pump System



  • The pump driver can activate three-phase AC 220/380V Ac pump.
  • Higher conversion eficiency: application of vector V/F technology in the pump driver.
  • Accessories: PV panel, water pipe, and cable, etc.
  • Application location: large water station, farm water supply, plant water supply, hotel water supply, agricultural irrigation, desalination, highway protection in desert, and desert control, etc.
  • High cost-effective.
  • Water level sensor: it is separated from the pump, customer can DIY according to the requirement.
  • Integrated MPPT: the pump driver integrates the water level sensor, using MPPT technology.
  • IPM Water Module: The pump driver applies the fifth generation IPM water module of MITSUBISHI with high reliability.
  • Inteligent control: Full digital controlled Water pump driver is provided with working automatically, memory and other functions of protection.

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Solarland Solar DC Water Pump System Solarland Solar DC Pump System



  • Driven by solar power; low cost facility and maintenance, recovering the cost withint 3-5 years.
  • Drippling, sprinkling, spring irrigation without external energy.
  • Customized systems provided.
  • No pollution, environmental friendly.
  • Operating automatically, safety, reliably and stably.
  • Easy to install the solar pump.
  • Integrate the water level senor/pump controller inside the solar pump.

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