Pool Hot Water Solar Heating System Fort Lauderdale

Pool Hot Water Solar Heating System

Utilizing the sun to heat a swimming pool is extremely cost-effective and efficient. This Pool Hot Water Solar Heating System supports a 15’ x 30’ in-ground pool (13,000 gallons). Installed on a single story home, the system consists of (8) 4’ x 10’ collectors mounted flat to the existing asphalt shingle roof.

This Solar Pool Heating System is mounted on the north facing slope of the roof which is not normally done because of its efficiency , but due to the limited roof space available, this was the only option. In this particular situation, the home is located in South Florida and its roof has a very shallow pitch, allowing for sun exposure even in the depth of the winter months. Though not as effective as a direct South facing roof would accomplish, adding additional collector panels helped to offsetting the inefficiencies.

The Pool Hot Water Solar Heating System included an automatic valve whose differential controller opens and closes it based on temperature differential between the water roof collector temperature and the pool water temperature. When the roof temperature exceeds the pool temperature the valve opens allowing water to flow through the collectors on the roof heating the water.

The regulator controller also has a temperature set point so that in the peak of the summer season pool temperature can be regulated so it cannot become too hot. The existing pool pump is used to push the water up through the collectors on the roof and because the system is closed once the water fills the collectors and begins its return path through the normal dynamics of gravity and related pressure, the additional load factor the pump is negligible.

Installation is in the hurricane belt of South Florida and therefore required additional strapping and mounting clamps to assure that it meets the hurricane wind requirements. The cross straps used are a combination of plastic over metal providing extra durability and life.

Adjusting the pool circulation pump operating time for the peak sun hours (11AM to 3PM) of the day allows for no additional cost in electricity to circulate through the rooftop collectors. In simple terms, after the installation is complete, there is no additional cost to heat the pool making it a very smart and cost-effective investment.