Alternate Energy Company Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems

Hybrid energy systems consist of both of solar PV panels and wind generators. These two types of renewable energy products are often considered wind-solar hybrid systems. The advantages offered is that they are able to capture renewable energy based on changing weather conditions. Typically when the sun is shining wind speeds are low and conversely bad weather sets in and skies are overcast, the wind generators will be producing energy. In addition to wind portion of this renewable energy solar wind system can produce energy 24 hours a day. Hybrid power systems like this provide the maximum benefits on a renewable energy investment.

Some of our suppliers offer prepackaged hybrid systems, but in most installations based on location and your needs, we would put together a wind-solar hybrid system that consists of products from various manufacturers to maximize your energy production and system goals. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the products to meet your needs.


Skystream Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems


Skystream - Hybrid 6 HYBRID WIND/SOLAR TRACKING ARRAY Skystream – Hybrid 6

The Skystream Hybrid 6 is no ordinary solar array. Using a GPS-enabled micro-processor, the entire array precisely rotates with the sun around the Skystream’s tower to ensure maximum output.


Wind Technical Specifications

  • Wind Turbine: Skystream 3.7
  • Rated Capacity: 2.4 kW
  • Rotor Diameter: 3.72 m (12 ft)
  • Weight: 77 kg (170 lb)
  • Rated Speed: 50 – 330 rpm
  • Cut-in Wind Speed: 3.5 m/s (8 mph)
  • Rated Wind Speed: 13 m/s (29 mph)
  • Survival Wind Speed: 63 m/s (140 mph)

Solar Technical Specifications

  • Solar Panels: 235 W PV panels
  • Rated Capacity: 1.41 kW
  • Size: 304.8 cm (120 in)
  • Sun Tracking Range: Horizon to horizon
  • User Monitoring: Enphase Envoy
  • Survival Wind Speed: 40 m/s (90 mph)

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